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On Preset Couples
Xion by Twin
starcrossed_sky wrote in rantsfromtbbt

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Ranter: Valiae

Someone really yelled at you for not having preset couples?!?I feel a rant coming on...

Preset couples are as stupid as super-gluing your hand to a rhino's ass. And yes, that has actually happened, and the guy DIED.
Maybe that wasn't the best comparison... but my whole point is that if you have preset couples in your roleplay, it makes me want to sharpen my knife set on your skull. (I'm in a violent mood today).

I understand that not everything in a roleplay happens like things do in real life (because that would just be incredibly boring), but people do not just start out together! In real life, you have to go through the friends stage to the cute little crush stage to the awkward confession of your love stage to the either accepted or unrequited love stage. PEOPLE DO NOT JUST SEE EACH OTHER AND WANT TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER! That shit does not happen, and it just shouldn't happen!

In a roleplay, the same things should apply. Ever heard of character development people? A roleplayer needs to get to know the other members of their RP just as much as their characters need to get to know each other before ANYTHING can happen. Unless two characters start out married (for a plot related [i]reason[/i]) there should be no auto-pairing.

Then, even if you don't have preset couples, people feel the fucking need to pair everyone off right away! The less equipped (i.e. stupider) ones do this in the roleplay like so: OMGEEE YUR SO PRETTEH. I WANNA BE YUR BOIFRAND *touches bewbs*


First, it should be illegal to talk like that. Second, WTF?! To many people judge a character/roleplayer on 1. How hot the character picture is or 2. Whether it is the gender they are attracted to.

The more literate and respectful ones are still always lookin' for love. Even if they do it politely in the OOC thread, everyone goes "Oh, I claim soandso! I think it would be sooooo cute if my character was with his character because she's ____ and he's so ______."

Again: NO.

Let it progress naturally for god's sake! Aren't a little unrequited love or unexpected pairings interesting sometimes? Or like, I don't know, you could but some fucking effort into SURPRISING PEOPLE. Not everything in a RP has to be planned out to the last detail.



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