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On idiots and 1x1s
Xion by Twin
starcrossed_sky wrote in rantsfromtbbt

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Ranter: Totenglaut


Morning, TBBT. I would like to write a rant.

So I wake up in the morning to see a lone PM in my inbox so I of course open it up to see what it says. It's a reply to my one on one search. Two things I should mention right now are:

"For Twilight I never do Bella X Edward. Don't ask me, vampires shouldn't sparkle period."

Simple enough yes?

"I have no problem with LightxMisa LxLight LightxTakada or anything I just can't play any of the characters very well. I can't get myself to think like them. I like obscure couplings. I'll be most likely to say yes to a WedyxAiber."

Both of those are taken straight from my search.

So when I open the pm I get "I wanna do sum twilite. Will u b my edwurd? I rlly wanna play Bella.
but I'd do deathnote 2. I only play Misa-Misa you can be L or Light," Okay? Do you know how painful that was for me to read? I winced. So I wrote a polite PM back explaining once more that I don't do BellaxEdward or LightXMisa. And I must've put a wrong word in there somewhere. That happens sometimes because I have fudge fingers and sometimes I don't type the word that I'm thinking. It's happened here before but I usually edit the word. Plus, I use Word set on English for my RP posts. Because the pm I get back is "hahah you tyoped what did you mean?" So yes this was starting to get a little irritating. After a little more back and forth in which I kindly explained my OOC language was worse than my actual writing because I don't tend to spell-check it. The next thing I know I've got two PMs in my inbox and one says "weird foreign-chick" "i only rp wid gais anywayz too bad you got da dick and not da smarts..." I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about so I went on to start back-reading here.

And then I go about trying to keep up with some various RPs and I get another message. This one says "dont ignore me. and wat r u doin callin urself literate wen you only post a paragraph in some rps." Okay, bitch. That's proper manners last time I checked mirroring what other people do was a good thing. I didn't want to be all high and mighty and post like four paragraphs when this RP was a little more laid-back and free-formy. So I ignored her again which apparently was the wrong thing to do. Because she sent four PMs right on top of each other and commented four times on my profile. Most of them were slurs about how she didn't want to RP with a "stupidhead" girl. So then I reported her and added her account to my ignore list. But then just as I'm typing the rant here I got another PM from a different account. I thought it might be for my RP this time around. No BITCH HAS TWO ACCOUNTS. So she was going to try and flame me with her second mule account. I reported her again.

The whole point is: whatever happened to approaching people nicely for a one on one. With a "Hi I'm interested in these plots. Do you want to brainstorm with me or wing it? What character do you prefer using?" What's this new bullshit with being incredibly rude and then expecting to get a fucking smut-fest out of it?



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