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On Profiles and Reudundancy
Xion by Twin
starcrossed_sky wrote in rantsfromtbbt
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Ranter: Of Warsaw / ironicending 

And now...
Why is it that everything has some loooong application process? Even if its just a simple search? I get the importance of samples, frankly I'm more of an establish on trust person but some people don't like to waste their time with morons. So why do you now have to fill out an application for every damn thing? For the RPs to establish characters, yeah, sure. Pretty damn good to have but for a search...OH HI MY USERNAME IS...I WANT TO DO...I LIKE...I DON'T LIKE...MY FAVORITE COLOR IS...I'M LIT AND I CAN PROVE IT...YOU CAN CALL ME...I REALLY WANT TO...
We get it. If I wasn't at your royal highness' level I wouldn't be posting here. If I didn't like any of your plots I wouldn't be posting here. My username is RIGHT THERE.
It may cut back the amount of idiocy...But it's just starting to become a hassle.
Pretty soon people will be demanding applications to even bump...
All coded out and prettified...
Ummm...Hello? Your profile IS your reserve. You don't NEED three icons lined up all pretty off to the side, your character's age, your username, your character's name...That would be, what's the word? Oh yes! A PROFILE'S JOB. And the profile usually is just a repeat of that but stretched out, colored up, and code abused with random bullshit.


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